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The Plankerdown Band

The Plankerdown Band - The Jig Is Up (CD)

The Plankerdown Band - The Jig Is Up (CD)

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The Plankerdown Band
After a number of years this classic Newfoundland album is back on the market!
At a time when traditional music from Newfoundland and Labrador was being interpreted in many different ways by the likes of Figgy Duff and albums like Another Time, The Plankerdown Band followed suite with a fabulous collection of interpretive tunes.
Featuring former members of Figgy Duff and a who’s who of the Newfoundland music scene, The Plankerdown Band Band Delivers on one of the most unique and inspiring albums of interpretive Newfoundland and Labrador music.
Highly acclaimed CD of Newfoundland folk/rock/jazz fusion.
The Jig is Up is a collection of instrumental tunes. This is the first time it has been back on the market in physical form in many years!
The Plankerdown Band is:
Kelly Russell on Fiddle, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Concertina, Tin Whistle, Celtic Harp and Gu Cheng.
Don Walsh on Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass.
Frank Maher on Button Accordion, Harmonica.
Wade Pinhorn on Electric Bass, Synthesizer.
George Morgan on Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer.

Track listing
1. The Jig Is Up
2. Clyde Wells' Dream / The Meech Lake Breakdown
3. How Swede It Is
4. El Carite
5. Skipper Sydney's Pussycat
6. Father's Jig
7. Waiting for Supper
8. Bridget / The Breton
9. Velvet in the Wind
10. Free Payne
11. The Ships Are Sailing

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