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The Celtic Fiddlers

The Celtic Fiddlers & Ceilidh Singers - Passage (CD)

The Celtic Fiddlers & Ceilidh Singers - Passage (CD)

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The Debut album from the Celtic Fiddlers featuring the Ceilidh Singers.


1. Cooley’s Reel

2. Ah, the Sea

3. Dowsey Maggie

4. The New World

5. Mason’s Apron

6. The Exile’s Dream

7. Tonight My Sleep will be Restless

8. Let me Fish off Cape St. Mary’s

9. Pat Murphy’s Meadow

10. I’se the B’y

11. The Little Beggarman/Pretty Little Mary Medley

12. Excursion Around the Bay

13. Auntie Mary

14. Will They Lie There Evermore?

15. The Lament for the Rev. Archie Beaton

16. Newfoundland People, Salt Sea

17. Geese in the Bog/Sally’s Jig/Caliope House Medley

18. Ode to Newfoundland

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