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Snook - Another Snook's Christmas (CD)

Snook - Another Snook's Christmas (CD)

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Snook - Another Snook's Christmas 

1. Intro

2. Harsh, Shallow World

3. Good Thing Dental Floss

4. Oh Come All Ye Hateful

5. I Saw Dougie Missin’ Santa Claus

6. Cheery Liddle Christmas

7. Dougie’s Hunting Bullies

8. Whose Child is This?

9. Walkin’ ‘Round in Wicked Underwear

10. Stay Away From That Stranger

11. First Christmas

12. Check the Mall for that Big Dolly

13. Three G Strings

14. Soy to the World

15. Oh Poker Night

16. Ding Dong Merrily I’m High

17. I Went Downtown While Bette Made Ham

18. It’s Over, Never Mind

19. Goodbye

20. Bonus Track – Oh Christmas Tree


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