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Rik Barron

Rik Barron (CD)

Rik Barron (CD)

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Rik Barron (CD)

1. Buy One Kitten Get The Second One Free. (2:09) (Allan Rankin/ Rik Barron / Socan)

2. Six Little Ducks (1:50) (Traditional)

3. Julia Belle (2:48) (Christopher V. Stuart / Backcountry Music)

4. Morningtown Ride (2:43) (Mavia Reynolds / Amadeo Music)

5. Don't Kill The Dandelions. (2:53) (Allan Rankin / Wild Garden Music / Socan)

6. Five Little Frogs. (2:07) (Traditional, Spoken recitation Tony Ellis)

7. Boom Boom (1:58) (Traditional)

8. The Bowling Song (1:49) (Raffi Cavoukian, Debi Joan Pike, Bert Donald Simpson, and Bonita Louise Simpson/ Homeland Publishing c/o Kohaw Music Inc)

9. I'd Like To Be A Cowboy. (2:24) (Traditional)

10. Let There Be Love. (2:59) ( Jenna Lee Lindbo/ Jenna Lee Lindbo)

11. On The Deep Blue Sea (2:17) Kevin Blackmore/ Socan)

12. These Hands (4:06) (Dave Gunning and George Canyon /Anthem Entertainment a c/o Anthem Music Publishing // and George Canyon Publishing c/o Anthem Music Publishing //)



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