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Masterless Men

Masterless Men - Ode To Age (CD)

Masterless Men - Ode To Age (CD)

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Imagine a boisterous Newfoundland house party where everybody plays an instrument or sings a song. Late into the night the sound is of hand clapping favourites, heart warming ballads and mesmerizing instrumentals... that is the sound of The Masterless Men. It is music from the heart of Irish Newfoundland and the feeling you get every time you listen. This first release features fourteen songs of old and new.

1. Portland Town
2. The Leaving of Nancy
3. The Masons Apron/The Devils Dream
4. Silver Sea
5. Fox on the Run
6. Botany Bay
7. There Were Roses
8. The Leprechaun
9. The Boston Rose
10. The Mingulay Boat Song
11. Nancy Spain
12. Shuckin the Corn/Foggy Mountain Breakdown
13. The Boys of the Old Brigade •An Ode to Age

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