Lennie Gallant

Lennie Gallant Searching For Abegweit


Lennie Gallant Searching for Abegweit is a 2 CD set

Track Listings:

1. Overture
2. Back to Rustico
3. Abegweit
4. Which Way Does the River Run
5. The Open Window
6. Country Store
7. The Night They Moved the House
8.Lord Selkirk's Land
9.Tales of the Phantom Ship
10.Laisse Aller
11.Peter's Dream
13.Island Clay
14.A Day With You in Paradise
15.Has Anybody Seen My Skates
16.Tell Me a Ghost Story
17.The Nellie J Banks
18.La Tempête
20.Searching for Abegweit
21.Northern Lights
22.The Band's Still Playing

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