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Jason Benoit

Jason Benoit (Time Traveller ) CD

Jason Benoit (Time Traveller ) CD

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Jason Benoit (Time Traveller ) CD

Side A

01. Devil in A Bottle (Benoit/Foote)

02.  Please Don't Walk Away (Benoit/Foote)

03. Country Bound ( Benoit/Foote)

04. Crazy But It's True ( Benoit/Foote)

05. Shooting Me Down (Eastman/Benoit)

06. Sorry That I Asked (Benoit/Foote)

Side B

07. Million Country Boys ( Benoit/Foote)

08. Time Traveller ( Benoit/Foote)

09. VHS  (Benoit/Foote)

10. Your Friday Night (Benoit/Foote)

11. Since The Music Has Died (Benoit/Foote)

12.Broken Man (Benoit/Foote)

Bonus Track

13. My Old Friend The Blues (S. Earle) (Feat. Jason's Brother Myles on Guitar and Background Vocals)


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